Application Guidelines

We’ll let all applicants know the
results of the lottery on October 29.

  • The 2013 online entry is now closed. Please contact one of our approved Tour Operators for an application.
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Event Date &

Sunday, March 10, 2013

* Will be carried out rain or shine.

  •  8 : 30 Marathon and pair-ekiden start
  • 14 : 30 Marathon and pair-ekiden finish
Events /
Participants /
Time Limit /
Entry Fees

Event Date & Time

Participants including *1 JAAF-registered athletes, and *2 those who are recommended by organizers such as survivors of Great East Japan Earthquake and charity runners (details to be shown at Kyoto Marathon 2013 website in late August of 2012). In the case of oversubscription, competitors will be chosen by lottery.

  • *3: Time limit will be indicated with a signal gun.
  • Friday, March 8, 2013: 10:30 – 19:00 (final entry)
  • Saturday, March 9, 2013: 10:30 – 19:00 (final entry)
  • * The above time schedule is subject to change.
  • Place: Miyako-Messe (Kyoto International Exhibition Hall)
  • 9-1, Okazaki Seishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city
    8 minutes on foot from the Higashiyama Station, the Tozai Subway line


  • Runners themselves must show up and check on either the date indicated above since the racing numbers are allocated to them at the check-in place. Please be advised that no check-in will be accepted on any other dates and hours.
  • Personal ID (original) is required before allocating the racing number. Substitution is not accepted.
  • For disabled participants who run with an escort runner, please be sure to bring your physically disabled person’s handbook.
Time Limit at Each Checkpoint (CP)

Race officials will set a time limit at each checkpoint for traffic, security, and event operational reasons.

Regardless of the time limit at checkpoints, during the race, if you are extremely delayed, race officials may stop you on the way.

Time Limit at Each Checkpoint (CP)

Race Rules Following the rules of the Japan Association of Athletic Federation for 2012 and the regulations of this competition.
Qualification for Participation

1) Participants must have been born before April 1, 1994, and 2) must be able to complete the race within 5 hours and 40 minutes.

  • * Runners in wheelchair are not allowed as marathon participants.
  • * Each disabled runner who finds difficulty in running on his/her own is allowed to have an escort runner (however, running with a guide dog is not allowed).
  1. Overall, the top 20 male and female runners will be awarded.
  2. By age groups (every 5 years), the top 3 male and female runners will be awarded, respectively.

* Prize-giving ceremony will be held only for the top 8 runners of the category 1). For the rest of award-winners, award certificates will be delivered at a later date.

  1. Flash reports on the race offering through the Internet (Runners Updates) will be useful for both runners and audiences when checking the latest information.
  2. All finishers and some DNF runners* will receive your records at a later date.

* Participants who run more than 5 km are eligible to receive the record.

Donations for the Great East Asia Earthquake Reconstruction Support

Kyoto Marathon 2013 will implement the Great East Asia Earthquake Reconstruction Support Program. We accept your application for voluntary donation at the time of entry application. As a result of the lottery, when your participation is confirmed, you are requested to make the donation in units of 500 yen together with the payment of your entry fee. Please be advised that your applied donation cannot be cancelled. Also, please note that there is no relation between the lottery and the donation. It is projected that the donation made by the participants will go to the emergency response headquarters of disaster-struck local authorities via the Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper Social Welfare Foundation.

Healthcare Management

In the event of an accident occurring during the race, the organizers will take emergency measures and compensate for the damage within the range of the organizers’ insurance. However, we are not responsible for any further damages. Please take full responsibility of your actions and healthcare management. Please do not run if you are not in good shape on the day of the race (As the organizer, we recommend you check your physical condition by having a checkup in advance).

Lining Up at the Start
  1. There is no parking space at the venue. Please use public transport to come to the event. If you are late for the race due to the transportation conditions, the organizers will not take responsibility for your delay. We recommend you get to the venue well in advance.
  2. For smooth and safe start operations, the organizers will allocate particular waiting zone at the start for marathon runners simply based on the finishing time the applicants estimate at the time of application regardless of their JAAF registration. Those who do not put their estimated finishing time will start from the end of the queue.
  3. Just before the start, we will ask you to join us for a silent prayer to mourn the victims of the Great East Asia Earthquake.

* Scheduled time for lining up: 7:30 to 8:10

Baggage Checking

The organizers will transport your baggage from the place you check to the venue you finish the race (for the first runners of pair-ekiden, we keep your baggage to the relay point). For checking your baggage, you can only use a dedicated bag you will receive when you check in. You cannot check the baggage which doesn’t fit in the bag. The checked baggage may be delayed due to the transportation conditions. Please note that the baggage pickup area is placed outdoor, and in case of rain, your baggage in the bag may get wet. Please manage your valuables yourself as we cannot keep yours. In the case you lose your valuables, the organizers are not responsible for the loss.

* Baggage check-in at the start venue: from 6:45 to 7:45 (scheduled)

Possible Interruption

During the race, if anything urgent happens including an accident or fire, emergency vehicles will possibly be passing anywhere on the race course. In this case, the event staff will ask runners to stop running.

No Fancy Dress

The marathon course includes narrow roads and unpaved riverbank. On the road we will stop runners when emergency vehicles are passing by, control the runway so that pedestrians can cross the street. Runners are supposed to pay attention to all the places they are running, and we ask you to wear the clothes that are easy to move. Running in fancy dress is fun and somewhat livens up the event. However, it may limit your move and make other runners and the audience on the road uncomfortable. Therefore, in this event, we prohibit participants from running in fancy dress. Also, we do not allow you to wear and display any designs that indicate certain company names and products; trademarks, and other advertisements that are considered to be advertisement activities.

Portrait Rights

The rights to insert, publish and post the images and articles of the race, name, age, likeness, address (nation, prefecture, city and town) of applicants, finishing times, etc. on TV programs, newspapers, magazines, websites and other media will be retained by the organizers. Pictures and goods related to the event which are authorized the organizers may be sold on commission.

Personal Information

The organizers recognize the importance of personal information, comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws, and handle personal information based on the organizer’s policy to protect personal information. In order to improve service quality for the participants, we will use such personal information for the purpose of sending participant information, notifying time records, event-related information, providing services by co-sponsoring, cooperating and supporting organizations, and announcing race records (rankings).

* The organizers or Kyoto Marathon Entry Center may contact you to confirm the contents of your application.

Commemorative Gifts
  • - For participants: Kyoto Marathon 2013 original T-shirt
  • - For finishers: Finisher’s towel and medal
  • - At the time of entry application, please select the size of your T-shirt.

Commemorative Gifts

* For those who do not specify T-shirt size, we allocate size S for female participants, size M for male participants.
Please be advised once you select the shirt size at the time of application, you cannot change it later.

Agreement on the Application for Kyoto Marathon 2013

* Before you send the application, please agree to the terms of this Agreement:

  1. Please be warned that if you make a double application, you will be rejected as a participant.
  2. For JAAF-registered applicants, we will verify your registration status during the entry application process. Please put your precise registration information when you apply for the event.
  3. Please be advised that once you send the application, you cannot change the contents of your application. No cancellation is allowed and no refund at this stage.
  4. We do not allow any false statement about your age, sex, record, etc. Substitution and/or assignment of right are also not allowed. If these prohibited acts are found, your entry/award will be cancelled, any paid fees and charges will not be refunded, and any further applications for the race will no longer be accepted.
  5. If the event is cancelled because of earthquake, wind and flood damage, snowfall, flooding, incident, accident, plague, or any other causes beyond the control of the organizers, entry fees and other charges will not be refundable.
  6. In the event of application delay due to an adverse mailing condition or a defective Internet connection, the organizers take no responsibility for the delay.
  7. For online applications, your application may not be successfully processed depending on types of terminals, operating systems, browser software, etc.
  8. Please note that we do not respond to your telephone inquiries about the number of applicants, and result of lottery.
  9. Please be advised that if you cannot receive the result of lottery due to incorrect mail/e-mail address registered by you, we do not track and trace delivery.
  10. Please be warned that any overpaid fees will not be refundable.
  11. No receipt for entry fee will be issued. For a credit card transaction, you can use the credit card companyユs statement as your payment statement.
  12. Kyoto Marathon 2013 will be held in compliance with all domestic laws and regulations.

For all runners, We appreciate all of your good manners, observance of rules, and cooperation for favorable event operation.

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